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Your Ability to Achieve Fitness

| February 01, 2017

It seems that during the beginning of each New Year, so many people resolve to change their lives for the better. Typical goals are to eat right, to get back in shape, spend more time with family, become more efficient at work, and even to save more money. We're here to tell you- You have the ability to achieve your goals of Fitness!

We're Talking both PHYSICAL and FINANCIAL Fitness

Staying physically fit is not always easy. Still, there are definitely a lot of resources that one can utilize in order to get started. There are fitness magazines that give you ideas of what the best exercises are, apps to track how many calories you are burning, and of course, your doctor is there to help guide you toward a healthier lifestyle.

But what about staying financially fit? This, too, can add value to our overall well-being, yet the information that is out there is not always as accessible as people might think. Just like with physical fitness, it is always a good time to decide to get on the right track when it comes to your finances. We can help guide you toward a healthy financial lifestyle.

You have the ABILITY to prepare, financially and physically, for the future by developing and continuing good habits!

Let us know you're interested, or introduce yourself to us, using the "how can we help?" box on the left side of the screen - and feel free to include a message about how you would like to learn more about your ability to utilize money as a tool for yourself or your loved ones.

When you decide you're interested in WHAT WE CAN DO TOGETHER , over the next couple of months, we will send you some great tips and advice that you can act on—and we'll even throw in a health tip or two!

With all that in mind, here is our first tip for you:

Start an emergency savings fund. 

The general rule of thumb is to work towards having six months of take home pay in your emergency account. This will help offset some of those unexpected costs without breaking your bank or using your CREDIT CARDS  unnecessarily.

Here’s a bonus health tip for you or your loved ones in their 20's:

Fall in love with strength training.

Whether you're doing bodyweight circuit training or lifting heavy weights (or any of the variations in between), strength training is great for your OVERALL HEALTH : it increases lean muscle mass, boosts metabolism, burns calories, eases back pain, helps you sleep, and even wards off diabetes.

Here’s to a healthy and prosperous life!

See you at the top!