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2017 Annual Outlook

| January 19, 2017

Our research team at Cetera outlines what to expect this year in their 2017 Annual Outlook, "Investing in a Trump Economy" 

We welcome you to read their full report by following the link above - Here are some important take-away's:


The forthcoming policies from the Trump administration are expected to be pro-growth, which is spurring optimism in the global economy. These pro-growth policies, including relaxed tax regulation and cuts to corporate and individual tax rates could give firms adequate incentive to repatriate cash. Also, the proposed unwinding of many regulations will likely renew growth specifically in the financial, energy, and healthcare sectors.

Overall, our research team tells us that the bull market will likely remain in tact. Coupling that with the expected changes in tax policy, it is possible that the U.S. could generate better economic growth in 2017 than throughout this past year.

Hope you enjoyed the view,

Your friends at The Timberline Group

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